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What is Wixlar (WIX) All About?

Wixlar or Wixlar Coin is a global decentralized digital currency, which is based on the blockchain technology. It offers an instant, secure, and private platform to carry out transactions that come with a very low fee. Wixlar offers 12 services to the public including its TV broadcasting channel, which gained popularity by live-streaming the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. Users can use WIX (Wixlar Coins) to buy and sell products or services online and offline.

This short guide will discuss the purpose for which Wixlar is designed, the team behind it, the way it works, and the various uses and applications of the coin and platform.

What Is Wixlar Designed For?

Wixlar was designed to offer everything an average consumer (whether individual or enterprise) could ever require in a digital currency under a single umbrella. Most digital platforms launching their coins offer 1 or 2 services at the maximum. However, Wixlar offers more than 12 services with the potential to grow every day.

Wixlar is currently the only cryptocurrency, which offers services such as Wallets, Master Card, Exchanges, Smart Contract, Letter of Credit, Cloud Storage, E-Shop, Academy, Rewards, Partnerships, Lottery, and Free-Lancing to the average public, individuals and companies that don’t belong directly to the crypto space.

The team behind WIX is not playing it safe by aiming only one crypto segment but is throwing caution to the winds, by offering blockchain services that are enough to satisfy everyone from newbies, developers, holders, traders, and businesses.

Who Is the Team Behind Wixlar?

Wixlar is founded by Alexis Thomas, who is also the CEO of the group based in Cyprus. Thomas has a history of building successful businesses, including a profitable Hotel chain. Other notable names on the team include S.J Song, Bassem Bakeer, and H.K. Cang.

Wixlar has partnered with several noteworthy companies, including Floosy, FXEmpire, LLegal, The Direct Selling Equity, Femto Z, Manca Transport, and CryptoCurrency Talk.

How Does Wixlar Work?

WIX Coin is an ERC 20 token issued on the Ethereum platform. It is a decentralized cryptocurrency that involves a hybrid POW/POS consensus with an enhanced secure hashing algorithm. By using extreme hashing functions, WIX can solve security issues with BlockChain Voting and Alerts so that each block is safe.

Wixlar also offers a global card to all WIX holders so that they can easily convert their digital assets to fiat currencies, in the form of USD or EUR at ATMs located worldwide. The card can also be used as a regular MasterCard to pay for retail goods.

WIX comes in helpful for developers who can apply it towards initiating Crypto Smart Contracts, using the notable Wixlar Blockchain Technology. The tech is deemed to offer more security and anonymity for all users and developers by effectively combining LTC Features with Trapdoor Hashing Algorithm.

What are Current and Future Applications of Wixlar?

WIX can be used in any of the 12 services offered by the Wixlar group. Beginners to the crypto space can use WIX to buy and sell products or services online and offline, through Wixlar partners or electronic shops. They can also be used at Wixlar FreeLancing Platform, Lottery Tickets, Cloud-storage and more.

One of the foremost USPs of the Wixlar group is that they are not limited to coding and programming mobile apps or software. They are also involved in manufacturing their portable products such as Wixlar Tablets, Wixlar Mobile Phones, Wixlar laptops and so much more.

WIX can be applied towards purchasing these retail products launched by Wixlar. For instance, their “Wixi-Pods” is a state of the art wireless ear pods that involve new technology in wireless headsets. The group has also launched a face recognition door locker, which uses blockchain tech.

It has been almost a year since the WIX coin was launched on CoinMarketCap in 2018. It is currently rated with a market capitalization of $29 million. Wixlar has also been very successful in achieving all laid out milestones in record time.

Experts believe that WIX can provide significant benefits to traders who wish to HODL it. The coin is expected to grow and become very popular shortly if the group continues setting out new technologies at the same pace. Some of the more notable milestones include mega-launching of the Wixlar smart lottery service and the Wixlar free-lancing platform.

The fact that Wixlar is a multi-purpose platform with limited coin supply ensures, that the value of each WIX shall only go upwards in the coming years, making it a highly sought after crypto asset.

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