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OWallet (Ontology)

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

OWallet is a comprehensive Ontology desktop wallet. It supports standard wallet management and shared wallet management, based on multi-signature technology. It will also connect with various hard wallets such as Ledger, Trezor, and so on.

As part of its future development, OWallet will integrate more applications, provide developers with smart contract compilation, invocation among other services.

OWallet has the following core features. It can create wallet/import wallet using Keystore,mnemonic phrase, WIF private key, HEX private key. It supports shared wallet based on multi-signature technology. It has Ledger support and has functions like the View balance record, Send ONG, and OT and withdraw (redeem) ONG function. It also supports node stake and stake authorization management. ONT ID support is also provided. It integrates gateway provided by changelly and cryptonex.

The Ontology wallet is available in Web, Desktop, and Chrome Extension versions. This is a relatively new public blockchain entering the market in early 2018. Since then, it experienced an uneven standing in the market but ended up recovering its losses and having triple value since February 2019. It is a strong player in the Chinese market and is using the dual toke model. One of its strongest characteristics is its ability to accommodate the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes, to launch and manage their custom blockchain solution, greatly reducing the friction usually associated with blockchain development.

Here is how to set up an Ontology wallet using the Guarda Wallet team.

The Guarda Wallet team is composed of multi-currency non-custodial wallets and works in Web, Desktop, and Chrome Extension versions. Aside from supporting ONT and ONG, they also work with BTC, ETH, ETC, XRP, XMR, NEO, BCH and a variety of other cryptocurrency coins and tokens ( for a total of over 40 major blockchains and more than 10.000 tokens overall).

Here are preliminary considerations before the setup:

(1) Securing ONT and ONG wallet

Ontology NT and ONG need secure storage and thus, it is advised that you should turn to non-custodial Ontology crypto wallets. The custody-free cryptocurrency storages allow users to gain full control over their private keys and wallet backups.

(2) The wallet should be updated frequently

An updated wallet is achieved when an Ontology development team is very active. To see the full activity of your wallet, you can browse community chats, social network pages, websites, and blogs.

(3) Check reviews for your Ontology wallet

Reviews are useful sources of information for users to properly choose an appropriate storage platform. These reviews are usually available on Google Play and Appstore for mobile applications and websites like Trustpilot and CryptoCompare.

(4) Consider being a member of your wallet community.

The community of your cryptocurrency wallet may be a place where you can find useful information, answers to your questions and experiences of other members that may shed light on your doubts or questions towards your wallet.

Setting up the Ontology wallet

(1) Go to Guarda wallet website and click Create Wallet.

The Create button can be found on the top right corner of Guardia's website on the main page. Proceed by clicking the Create a New Wallet. If you need to check extra information about the wallet, you can also check the Web Wallet page.

(2) Create a password to protect your wallet.

It is advised that you should not use a password that has already been used in other services. Also, choose a combination of upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The following link will tell you more about how to create stronger passwords for your Ontology wallet account.

(3) Make sure to create a backup of your Ontology wallet.

With the correct password, you as the owner has the sole right to log into your wallet and access your Guarda wallet backup and the wallet password. Being non-custodial, Guarda wallets can only be accessed by the owner, and without any knowledge from the company. Also, the owner is the only person who has the right to recover the account in case of threats.

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