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What is Neblio (NEBL) All About?

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

Neblio is the next-generation enterprise solution involving blockchains and cryptocurrencies. It is building the infrastructure required to bring all the benefits of blockchain tech to enterprises in a quick, easy, and secure way. NEBL is the official coin of the Neblio blockchain network and is used for peer-to-peer transactions within the Neblio ecosystem.

This post will discuss what Neblio is all about, the reason it is designed for, the team behind it, how it works, and various uses and applications.

What Is Neblio Designed For?

Enterprise space is one of the areas where blockchain technology is most disruptive. Neblio is focused on building a solution that will allow enterprise applications to make use of a range of technological advantages. An increasing number of companies are realizing that blockchain technology can make things more secure, simpler, and efficient. However, they often lack the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to utilize the advantages of blockchain tech.

Neblio offers a solution to this problem by developing a range of open source tools, services, and APIs. The platform is designed to allow enterprise solutions to accelerate the development process that is used to build Dapps. Neblio is looking at offering services, including blockchain consulting, node deployment, hosting, and private blockchain development.

Who Is the Team Behind Neblio?

The Neblio team consists of members who have varied experience in blockchain, software development, and business. The token is created by Edward Smith and Ann Jackson. Smith has worked with companies like Cisco and Capital One as a lead software developer for over 7 years before venturing into the blockchain sector.

Jackson, before founding Neblio, worked with Hewlett Packard in several roles. Riley Stockton and Samer Afach are the two lead developers on the project with Yuval Amar acting as the marketing advisor.

How Does Neblio Work?

Neblio makes use of proof-of-stake consensus mechanisms to enable NEBL mining on the Neblio platform. Holders are rewarded when they stake their coins. The process is even more simplified because there is no minimum of staking amount. The PoS is based on the Peercoin staking mechanism with modifications to avoid manipulations prevalent in Peercoin.

The blockchain works by implementing a RESTful API that allows for interactions within the Neblio network and blockchain. The Neblio team is also building 8 separate API libraries in 8 languages including C++, Python, Go, JS, Ruby, .NET, Java, Node.js. This is thought to ease out the learning curve and accelerate app development. The blockchain is allowing developers to code their Dapps in a language they are comfortable with.

What are Current and Future Applications of Neblio?

NEBL tokens are used on the Neblio blockchain to incentivize and reward users for securing and operating the network by running nodes. The Neblio token is very useful when it comes to the calculation and charging of transaction fees, whenever someone makes use of the platform services. Moreover, the NPT-1 tokens, which are used by Dapps on the Neblio blockchain, can only be exchanged when NEBL is used as the default GAS token.

The Neblio team has highlighted multiple use cases wherein the NEBL tokens and the Neblio blockchain offer unique advantages. The Neblio blockchain can directly benefit secure records management processes. The blockchain can also help with audit trails and regulatory compliance where immutability and security are essential. However, one of the most exciting applications of the token and blockchain is its functionality towards the internet of things devices.

The blockchain can be used as a medium of communication between IoT devices to authenticate transactions securely. There are a nearly infinite number of use cases of the blockchain and token in the real world. However, the team, as per their roadmap is currently focusing only on these three uses.

Neblio has some pretty interesting partnerships as well. Cred and Acre have helped Neblio gain access to the financial markets with the right kind of funding and easy access to potential credit. Potion Owl is a healthcare company, which was founded in 2014 and focuses on the consumer-facing aspect of the healthcare industry. It helps in connecting insurance agents and healthcare providers to consumers. The entire operations of the firm are being shifted to the Neblio blockchain.

Neblio has a small team compared to other popular tokens. However, this has not deterred the growth prospects of the blockchain in the least. Neblio has been steadfast in meeting all its developmental goals as per their roadmap on time. They have attained each deadline without compromising on quality.

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