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What Is Molecular Future (MOT) All About?

Molecular Future is a one-stop global digital asset investment service platform, which is blockchain-based. It is an innovative financial investment service company looking to increase investment in the crypto space, effectively bridging the gap between Crypto Token Distributions and retail investors. MOT or Molecular Token is the native token used on this platform for various purposes.

This short guide will explain what Molecular Future is designed for, the team behind it, the way it works, and the various uses and applications.

What Is Molecular Future Designed For?

The significant share of digital currency investors at present are speculators, who are often with limited funds. The vast majority of financial institutions are keeping their eyes on the crypto space and waiting to see how the digital assets market settles. It is these institutions that shall bring a major share of investment when they enter the market in the future. However, their entry largely depends on regulations and risk tolerance.

Molecular Future is designed to allow investors to understand the underlying technology, and encourage them to enter the marketplace by essentially bridging the gap. Most retail and institutional investors are prevented from entering the market because of mistrust. However, the comprehensive one-stop digital asset investment platform designed by Molecular Future shall offer the right tools for investors to gain trust.

Who Is The Team Behind Molecular Future?

The Molecular Future project has been jointly invested by Molecular Group, Eagle Fund, HBCC Investment, CHINA FORTUNE (00110.HK), HCASH Foundation, XBTING Foundation, and Collinstar Capital. The team is headed by Jason Tso as CEO, with rich experience in FRM (financial risk management) and is a founder of Molecular Group.

Golden Yu is the Chief Information Officer and co-Founder of Molecular Group. He has notable experience in the summarization of big data information, professional futures virtual currency stock fundamentals, financial risk modeling analysis management, and technical analysis.

How Does Molecular Future Work?

Molecular Futures provides its users with information about related investment products, relevant media information, agency level trading software, project files, a decentralized incubation application ecosystem, and community service systems. These merge in the Molecular Future ecosystem to aptly and correctly guide participants and investors to the use and application of various digital assets.

Blockchain tech is utilized by Molecular Future for effective data storage. There are numerous additional benefits provided by implementing blockchain that is specific to this project. A major benefit is in the form of transparency, which is attained by allowing participants to see their fee, deposit, balance, payout, withdrawal, and transaction history. This allows for-profit and loss tracking and easier accounting methods that are inane to the concept of Molecular Future.

Molecular Future makes use of cold storage wallets and multi-signature wallets. These wallets make use of multiple parties that sign off upon a transaction. This is necessary to be able to carry out a transaction and involves storing all digital assets offline.

What Are Current and Future Applications of Molecular Future?

The Molecular Future Token or MOT is a native token that has the primary purpose of rewarding and incentivizing users. MOT is also required when a participant wishes to invest in new CTDs (Crypto Token Distributions) that are launched on the Molecular Future platform.

Other uses of the token include enabling fund managers to effectively list their crypto-related investment assets and funds on the platform. This would, in turn, allow investors to know about a particular fund and invest in it. MOT shall also be used as a utility token for the payment of transaction fees on the platform.

There are three primary use cases of MOT in terms of incentivizing and rewarding users:

Ownership incentivization shall allow large token holders to be rewarded with lower management fees.

Investment incentivization shall provide added benefit to users by rewarding them with additional tokens, whenever Molecular Future meets its targets.

The Molecular Future group shall also reward all users for recommendations, promotions, and other programs that are implemented on an ad-hoc basis.

Molecular Future has all the necessary ingredients to be utilized by the masses in the future. It provides the necessary platform for crypto investors to understand their investments and take informed decisions. High returns in the real world and crypto space cannot exist without high risk.

With the price of cryptocurrencies bordering on volatile to extremely volatile, Molecular Future has come up with the right platform that allows professionals and crypto enthusiasts to care about their long-term wealth.

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