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Everything You Need to Know About Brave Wallet

Brave Attention Token or BAT is the native currency of the Brave browser. It revolves around building a decentralized and open-source ad exchange platform, specifically designed for the Brave browser. BAT attempts to redefine the present internet landscape where advertisements are concerned. The team is attempting to eliminate Google and Facebook dominance in online ads.

Brave Wallet is the official BAT wallet, which automatically downloads when you install the Brave browser.

What is Brave Browser?

Brave is a standard browser in all respects. It allows users to run web apps, navigate websites, and play online content. Like Chrome and other browsers, it is also free to download and use. It remembers site authentication and can easily block online ads from appearing on the site.

However, unlike other browsers, Brave does not allow for ad pushing. It has an aggressive anti-advertisement attitude. The browser was designed by the creator of Mozilla to strip online ads from sites. Its maker business model relies on ad blocking and ad replacement.

What is Brave Wallet?

The brave wallet is the official BAT token wallet where you can use it as an extension by downloading Brave. You can easily hold BAT tokens once you download the browser.

Get Paid for Viewing Ads With Brave Browser/Wallet

Brave is designed to value user attention and privacy from the very start by being built on top of the first global private ad platform. It has pioneered a new blockchain advertising model where users get paid when they watch certain ads. The team behind Brave provides 70% revenue shares to users in the form of BAT.

Brave surfers can opt in to view certain ads, which are not linked to any worldwide advertising platform to earn BAT. This privacy-preserving company has already put up ads from big brands, like Home Chef, Intel, and Pizza Hut.

To be able to earn revenue by watching ads, users are required to activate Brave Rewards. They would also have to activate their Brave wallet, which comes with browser installation.

How Can Brave Wallet be Funded?

There is no registration required to fund your Brave wallet with crypto assets. You can add funds with LTC, BTC, ETH, and BAT. However, all non-BAT funds that you send to your Brave wallet shall be automatically converted to BAT in your wallet.

Users also have the option to convert fiat money into BAT by registering with Uphold or other exchanges. A standard crypto fee will apply for exchanges other than Uphold. This is in addition to the exchange fee.

Step-by-step Guide for Setting up Brave Wallet

It is fairly limited to set up a Brave wallet. However, it does include a number of steps. This handy guide will make the setup process easy for you.

1. Download the Brave browser

Visit and download the browser, which is compatible with your OS.

You can download Brave to your PC, as well as on a Smartphone and Tablet. Brave supports both Android and iOS.

2. Install the browser

Once you are done downloading, you need to install it successfully.

You need to make sure you download it correctly by clicking on the execution file.

3. Activate wallet

A Brave wallet is automatically downloaded along with the Brave browser. All you need to do is activate the wallet to hold your BAT tokens.

Open the Preferences window. You can navigate to about: preferences in the address bar or click on the browser menu.

Select Brave Payments on the navigation panel and toggle it to on. This will make sure that your wallet is ready to accept payments.

This step can take a few minutes. Be patient. You would see an Add Funds button when your wallet is all set up.

4. Fund your Brave wallet

The next step is to put some coins in your Brave wallet. Push the Add Funds button.

If you already own ETH, BTC, or some other coins, it would only take a minute to fund your wallet. Get the supported coin’s address by clicking on the button in Brave Payments. Copy this address to the source wallet or if you are receiving a payment, share it with the sender. Your coin shall be converted to BAT when it is deposited to your token.

If you are new to the world of crypto, you would have to purchase the coins first. You can always make use of Uphold to buy some crypto.

Uphold is the official exchange partner of Brave and is simple to use. The process to add funds may seem cumbersome, but Brave is currently working towards future improvements.

Who should use the Brave Wallet?

Brave is a fantastic browser and can be used by anybody who accesses the internet. The UI is clean, simple, and the overall look feels good. The browser and wallet are for you if you are a beginner, and would love to earn some BAT without really doing anything.

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