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Everything You Need to Know About Ark Wallet

Ark as a blockchain project seeks to disrupt the very crypto landscape that bred it by connecting different blockchains together. The project aims to provide a working mechanism for staking, which means you would be able to earn ARK even as you vote. However, before you benefit from voting rights and earning ARK, you need to set up and fund the Ark wallet.

This quick guide about Ark Wallet shall cover the coins supported, fees charged, how to set it up, and other features.

What Coins Are Supported by Ark Wallet?

Ark wallet is an official wallet designed to keep ARK coins safe. While it allows for transactions with other cryptocurrencies through Changelly integration, the wallet is designed specifically for ARK holders.

Make sure the first thing you do when you are taken to the transaction page is to accept the Changelly integration terms of use and privacy policy. This will allow you to exchange other cryptocurrencies for ARK while purchasing ARK for fiat currency. You can use debit and credit cards.

Fees Charged By Ark Wallet

The Ark Wallet website is not clear about the fee it charges for Changelly transactions. However, the wallet is free to download and set up.

Step-by-step Guide for Setting up Ark Wallet

Head over to the Ark website where you will find a drop-down with “Wallets”. You should be redirected to their official Github repository if you went through the official Ark site.

Choose the most current version of the Ark desktop client. Pick the file that is compatible with your operating system. Ark desktop wallet offers .exe for Windows, .dmg for Mac, and .deb or .tar.xz for Linux.

Install the program once you are downloading the appropriate file onto your operating system. Make sure the installation is completed successfully. If the wallet does not launch on its own, you can always find the application on your desktop or in your program files.

When you have launched the wallet, you would be taken to the main screen. There are two options on the main screen – Create Account or Import Account.

If this is your first time with the Ark wallet, you should click on Create Account. The next screen will give you a strong and powerful passphrase. This phrase is 12 words long and is very important in case you need to ever restore your account.

It is advisable that you store this phrase somewhere safe in a physical location. Think of this phrase as the PIN to access your Ark coin bank account. Anyone can steal your coins if they get access to this passphrase.

While it is important to keep the information safe, you cannot afford to misplace it. Ark cannot help you regain access to your wallet if you misplace the passphrase.

Ark will prompt you to securely store your passphrase. Once that is done, you would need to validate your information. The wallet will ask you to enter words randomly from the passphrase.

Once the appropriate words are entered, you need to click on the Create button. You would then be taken to the transaction page. The first thing you want to do here is to accept the terms of use and privacy policy of Changelly integration. This is the only way you can exchange your crypto for ARK on this wallet.

Click the box that shows you accept the Changelly integration. Next, click the blue button at the bottom to move to the next step.

You would see a small popup on the screen. This lets you see the current conversion rate between Ark and other cryptocurrencies. You can choose exactly how much you want to purchase and then click on the red-colored Exchange button at the bottom.

Your wallet is all set up and ready to make transactions. Using Ark is that simple. The address that you see at the top of the screen is the Public Address. You can use it to send ARK to your wallet.

How Is the Ark Wallet Design?

The Ark Desktop Wallet has a great UI and a sleek design. There are numerous functionalities on offer. It doesn’t allow the user to feel overwhelmed or cluttered. The team has done a fantastic job in the subsequent versions to bring something complex and make it look appealing to its users.

Who Should Use Ark Wallet?

Anyone can make use of the Ark Desktop Wallet. The Ark team is always ahead in improvements and enhancements. Even a beginner would easily understand the functioning of the wallet without any problem.

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