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What is BitCapitalVendor (BCV) All About?

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

BitCapitalVendor is a blockchain project in the field of digital asset management, founded in Singapore. It has established cooperation with numerous strategic partners on a global level to develop digital assets economy-related products. BCV Token serves the BitCV economic system, as the key token of the entire digital asset management ecosystem. It is used towards paying for various service fees on the platform, and usage charges in the process of acquiring digital asset management and service.

This short guide will discuss the purpose for which BitCapitalVendor is designed, the developing team behind it, the way it works, and the various uses and applications of the coin and platform.

What Is BitCapitalVendor Designed For?

BitCapitalVendor (BCV) is designed to improve the underlying technology while actively participating in its research and development. The exchange was designed as an international trading platform that would include instant orders, complete charting tools, offer transaction history and employ a simple order process to enhance the user experience.

BCV token was launched as the primary token on the platform, which focuses on high liquidity and trading depth. The team intends for BitCV to become the fastest exchange in the world, providing the most user-friendly trading experience.

Who Is the Team Behind BitCapitalVendor?

BitCV has an impressive team backing it. There are 5 core founding members, namely Wu Xing, Xiong Jiagui, Liu Zhihua, Wen Ling, and Ruan Ying. Xing is a member of the Global Entrepreneur Leadership Program of Tsinghua University, PBC School of Finance and has also founded UCAI, a domestic IT vocational education brand.

Ling is the former assistant of Apple’s Angel investor, Mr. Li Zongnan in China and is now the founder of the PPTEAM Project, which provides magic performance technology service for startups and investment agencies.

BitCV has a strong advisory board as well. The board includes some highly notable industry experts, including Feng Xin (founder of Carbon 9 accelerator), Liu Jiang (founding partner of Sparkling Star Capital), Xu Jizhe (co-founder of Smartweb Elastos), and Li Yuechun (founder and CEO of Kongyi College).

How Does BitCapitalVendor Work?

BitCV is an application-based blockchain platform that uses existing technologies and blockchain tech, to serve the digital asset management industry. In principle, BitCV does not conduct its research and development of the underlying blockchain design. They have partnered with Moneyway to employ their technical support for making BCV large-scale.

The blockchain platform uses technologies, including blockchain distributed ledger system, sidechain cross-chain trading technology, DPOS consensus algorithm, and intelligent contract technology. There are separate technologies employed towards separate products. For instance, The BCV group makes use of an objective and scientific method to calculate their indices. The platform eliminates all stable currencies before attempting to select the best cryptocurrency with the largest market cap.

The tech then selects that cryptocurrency, which has the best liquidity in certified exchanges and uses the calculations from the market-value weighted index, to identify the overall changes in their market value. BitCV places importance over SaaS cloud services, as the team believes that the digital asset service engine platform, is at the bottom of the blockchain network. Services require being reliable, scalable, and affordable to attract global clients, looking for multi-end support.

What are Current and Future Applications of BitCapitalVendor?

BCV has become a well-known project in the area of blockchain, with a market value ranking close to entering the top 100 in the world. The currency currently trades on Huobi, HCoin, AEX, and other well-known platforms.

The token is largely applied towards constructing ecological community cooperation, by offering hundreds of millions of BCV tokens to incentivize promoters. The tokens are also intended to fuel innovation in fund operation, professional management, global influence, and contribute to the development and growth of the BitCV community.

BitCV is not limited to simply digital assets and tokenizing the economy. The development team is constantly working on new and innovative products to bring blockchain to the real world.

For instance, the Bit Capital Index 150 and the Bit Capital Index 30 (together known as the BCI) are a set of indexes released by BitCapitalVendor, in April 2018. The purpose behind the indices is to reflect the overall picture of the current cryptocurrency exchange market. BCI is designed to truly reflect the market condition and the team does not artificially specify the weights of any cryptocurrency.

As long as BitCV continues to innovate and further its product list, there shall never be a dip in the value of their native BCV token. Future product planning involves using their multi-digital assets wallet system, constructed by cross-chain payments, towards making it more convenient for clients to invest and deposit.

Other ambitious projects in the pipeline include developing a fund-investment system, and also, investing in more popular digital assets that have higher thresholds. BitCV is also looking towards creating a trading and auction platform for digital and real assets.

The platform has partnered with Genesis, Sparkling Star Capital, Block Dream Fund, and Inno Valley among others to further their mission.

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