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A Review of Cindicator

The Cindicator project effectively merges machine and artificial intelligence (ML and AI) with human intelligence, to create a powerful hybrid system that forecasts financial markets. The developing team calls it a collective intelligence platform. Users can contribute to next-generation predictive analytics and benefit from community-driven forecasts by using the platform.

This review will explain what Cindicator is all about, the product on offer, how does the platform work and why should you use it.

What is Cindicator?

Cindicator is a Fintech company founded in 2015. CND (Cindicator’s ERC-20 token) holders and the Cindicator team make smart decisions, by effectively combining the collective minds of thousands of financial analysts, who participate in the community with AI and ML models.

Analysts are offered short-term rewards as incentives for the financial rewards they earned because of correct forecasts. Emotional and educational rewards are offered in the long-term, for their active participation in this highly intelligent development.

What Does Cindicator Offer?

Users answer questions daily with Cindicator, to make their forecasts on a plethora of financial instrument topics. Predictions include the price difference of the most popular assets, including forex, stocks, futures, and cryptocurrencies. And this is not all – users can also make predictions about financial indexes and major economic events that may impact the market, including election, interest rate, and macroeconomic indicators.

There are two products on offer:

1. Cindicator Collective Intelligence Platform

This is for the new traders who are taking baby steps and have just begun their foray into the world of trading. It is also for futures traders who are thinking of getting their feet wet in the financial, digital and crypto space.

Collective Intelligence Platform allows participants to make market forecasts and improve their analytical skills. It also offers monthly prize funds as an incentive to compete with others, and improve analytical skills.

Cindicator has an in-house team of professional financial analysts, assigned with the job to monitor crypto and traditional assets daily. They create new questions about the current happenings and the most exciting investment opportunities for participants to analyze and predict.

You can answer a select few questions or all of them. You need to be aware that each question has a deadline and points are awarded if your forecast comes true. Likewise, you will lose points if the forecast was incorrect.

The model helps CND holding traders to attain valuable indicators through Hybrid Intelligence. Several layers of machine learning models actively process all the answers and help in making Cindicator’s Hybrid Intelligence more valuable.

All participants with a positive rating are awarded a share of the Cindicator ecosystem’s motivational pool, in ETH or CND. Ratings are directly proportional to the points earned by a user in a month. The reward is an incentive for participants to make accurate predictions, which would enable the whole Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem to become valuable.

2. Cindicator Hybrid Intelligence

Hybrid Intelligence is the product offered to the end-user or the professional trader. All data involving predictions and forecasts are churned through their machine learning system, which can then be accessed by CND holders to understand and make an ideal trading decision.

Product access is varied based on the number of indicators and depends upon the value of CND tokens held by a trader. There are four-lifetime subscription packages offered by Cindicator, and to avail them you would have to purchase the corroborative value of CND and hold them in your wallet. The cheapest package requires 30,000 CND and will set you back by $300. Users can cancel their subscriptions and sell their CND anytime they want.

Various indicators offered by Cindicator to make the right investment decision, include market event probability, community choice, week support and resistance levels, ICO ranking and price level.

One of the recently active questions on Cindicator was “Will EOS/BTC trade below 0.0003213 BTC (-11.32%) at any time before October 24?”

Certain questions are more specific, such as “The cryptocurrency EOS settled at 0.0003635 BTC at 12:00 PM UTC at the Binance exchange on Wednesday, October 16. What will be the minimum and the maximum price of EOS/BTC from 12:01 AM UTC on Thursday, October 17 until 11:59 PM UTC on Wednesday, October 23?”

With Cindicator on your side, you know exactly when to enter and exit a trade to gain the maximum possible profit. If possible, Cindicator offers to show the results of your chosen indicator on a real time price chart, so that you can use it to make further analysis.

How Does It Work?

The Cindicator System uses two different elements – a pool of analysts and AI to offer their final product.

1. Pool of Analysts

There are over 100,000 analysts active on the Cindicator platform. These professional and amateur analysts monetize their predictive capabilities based on industry and market knowledge. There are two main types of questions asked on the Cindicator platform - binary probabilistic questions and price related questions.

Personal and group motivation incentives in the form of public personal rating and Cindicator rewards are offered to analysts, to ensure active participation and knowledgeable predictions. Forecasters that have a higher score are offered a bigger share of the bonus money.

2. Artificial Intelligence

Cindicator uses its hybrid machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze the market and crunch data. There are five main ways AI is used by Cindicator. These include:

Forecasters are clustered into bears or bulls to study prediction behavior patterns and ascertain prediction trends

Predictive models are experimented with to build algorithms

Data users and group clusters are experimented and analyzed

Machine learning is validated after optimization

Market and forecaster predictions are analyzed thoroughly

Cindicator offers traders a highly intelligent prediction platform to base their trading decision upon, after combining human intelligence with artificial intelligence.

Why Cindicator?

Cindicator offers dual benefits for all levels of traders. For beginners, the platform provides the perfect opportunity to improve analytical and market forecasting skills. On the other hand, the professional trader holding CND can enjoy historical accuracy and take better investment decisions.

It is also a great option for beginners, thinking about investing in the crypto world because they automatically receive rewards for having a positive rating. The rewards are in the form of tradable ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum, and not just some abstract “points”.

The best part about Cindicator is that it covers over 100 crypto assets, futures, and stocks that are carefully selected by the internal team, including Fortune 500 companies, gold and oil futures, Bitcoin, and major currency pairs.

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