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10 Must-Read Books About Cryptocurrency for Newbies

You might be a cryptocurrency and blockchain novices or, at least, you were once. We tried to defeat our weaknesses by reading countless mind-boggling Telegram chats. But there is an easier way! Books!

Of course, there will always be something for us to read, but here’s a list of popular instructional books about cryptocurrency and blockchain that you should read.

In Math we Trust

A highly engaging account of a difficult subject, In Math We Trust is all you want to learn about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, the fate of money and the route to becoming your bank. Money is the most prominent human invention after language. It presents tokens for the hope we have in each other and community, but that trust has been broken repeatedly throughout account by the middlemen and authorizations, we rely upon to transact with each other.

Bitcoin: The future of money? – by Dominic Frisby

With a name like this, you might consider that Frisby consumes 304 pages shilling how Bitcoin is working to transform the world – he doesn’t. Rather he takes a step back in time and stares at where Bitcoin came from, how and why it was built, and even provides his take on who the legendary Satoshi Nakamoto might be.

He succeeds to do all this in common English too, it’s excellent if you’re not super technical. In other work, Frisby has been a stand-up entertainer, and uses his comedic appeal to keep the book enlightenment and jovial while dealing with, what is, a difficult – and presumably boring for some – topic.

The Dark Net – by Jamie Bartlett

It’s a well-deserving read if you desire to fill yourself in on the sort of things that Bitcoin helped facilitate – the darknet. There’s a lot more to the Bitcoin saga than holding, mooning, bars, and bulls. Bartlett uses a portion of this book, explores the Silk Road, and how it accepted Bitcoin as a means for users to purchase things. Users of the Silk Road were the original large group to use Bitcoin, they played an important role in forming what it would become.

The Internet of Money” by Andreas Antonopoulos

While many books describe how Bitcoin operates, The Internet of Money searches why Bitcoin works (so well) and why Bitcoin is so powerful. Andreas Antonopoulos explores and contextualizes the importance of Bitcoin through a range of essays crossing the exciting maturation of this technology.

Beyond the more practical uses of cryptocurrency for the millions of unbanked around the world, Andreas also explains philosophic on broader topics such as the history of capital, the role cryptocurrency can perform for individual freedom and privacy, and the meanings of currency as language, where money transfer is, at its core, an illustration of value similar to speech.

Cryptoassets” by Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar

This clear, short, and friendly guide from two business insiders tells you how to operate this brilliant new blockchain world―and how to spend in these emerging assets to guard your monetary future. In addition to giving smart investment plans, this reliable resource will help you know how crypto assets were built, how they act, and how they are growing amid the blockchain revolution.

Digital Gold: Nathaniel Popper

Ever desired to learn more about the very initial cryptocurrency, Bitcoin? If yes, get your fingers on Digital Gold. It’s a guide and must-read for every crypto fan. The book reads like a thriller, going farther into things you’ve probably never learned about Bitcoin.

Digital Gold casts more light on the magic surrounding Bitcoin and its anonymous founder Satoshi Nakamoto. Speaking of which, the author set events on a timeline starting from early 2009! Yes, there’s a whole lot of exciting news in this book. don’t wait to get it if you’re super interested in Bitcoin.

Crypto: Nathan Rose

Next up is Crypto — an outstanding book that helps you kick-start your venture into the crypto world. Nathan reveals pretty much everything you want to know about the problem. And of course, it goes a little further to discuss some of the interests around the technology. That’s not all. with this book, you’ll get a greater knowledge of how to open market and secure your crypto wallet. So yes, it’s a must-read for newbies looking to get the most of their crypto expertise. the author also discusses cryptocurrency mining, ICOs, and even exposes various cases against crypto.

Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain: David Gerard

This is yet another excellent book that provides a non-technical summary of the blockchain, bitcoin, and cryptocurrency scene. Judging by its name, you can say that’s it’s going to be a fabulous read — well, it is! Naturally, the book includes the investment (or lack thereof) features of cryptocurrency, and more. It explains everything you want to know before diving into blockchain and cryptocurrency as a whole.

Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey: The Age of Cryptocurrency

Need a book that checks the pace and thrill of learning about blockchain technology? Just take a peek at The Age of Cryptocurrency. the most useful thing about this book is that the writers made a complex topic super simple to understand. In reality, you or any other crypto newbie can take it and go up to speed in no time. Overall, the text is well-written and very educational. It is highly recommended for every crypto fan out there.

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies

If you aim to get a comprehensive overview of the cryptocurrency area, then the blockchain book Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies might be for you. Authored by Arvind Narayana, an assistant professor at Princeton, the novel falls into the origin of cryptocurrencies, fundamental terms like decentralization and privacy, and also the worth proposition and uncertainty of altcoins. In essence, the book tries to give a compact overview of what is often called today with the lightly overused word “Blockchain technology”.

This isn’t an exhaustive list; there are presumably as many Bitcoin records out there as there are altcoins. But these are some of our picks and they give great opening points for newbies and refreshers for the experienced holder. They’re books that should be on the counter of anyone sincerely into cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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